• September 22, 2023

Jason Hope on the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

The rise of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency was the new age just years ago and is still a hot topic today. Even though it is not as popular as it once was, Jason Hope still believes it will be popular and do well in the future. He thinks of himself as a futuristic thinker and sees it from a different perspective. Hope believes the currency will evolve and adapt and change the way people do business.


Cryptocurrency helping businesses

Jason Hope believes people will still use and need cryptocurrency because of its lower fees compared to credit cards. He also argues it is safer and more safe for businesses in e-commerce to conduct business. People will be much more secure using digital currency than credit card information which can be hacked and information stolen from individuals.

Activist Investor Jason Hope

More opportunity for entrepreneurs 

The activist investor leader Jason Hope argues cryptocurrency can create more opportunities for entrepreneurs. He uses the example of a young kid who became a millionaire by investing in digital currency early on. Businesses and entrepreneurs can likewise raise capital much more easily through digital currency than by other means. Businesses prefer payments through crypto because it eliminates transaction fees and faster settlements. 


There is also no central authority in place so it is easier to conduct business, Jason Hope assures. Confirmations about payments and other things are also sent faster with cryptocurrency than traditional methods of payment


Hope on the future of blockchain technology

Jason Hope strongly believes cryptocurrency will remain the future of payments and continue to change businesses forever. He sees blockchain technology as the future. Hope does state it will become the norm in the near future and adapt to the changes. He believes the sky’s the limit in regard to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.