• December 9, 2023

A Deep Dive into Diogo Corona’s Fitness Revolution

Amid the cacophony of business narratives, a resonant voice emerges, that of Diogo Corona, the architect behind Smart Fit’s meteoric ascent. With a foot in Latin America and Europe, Smart Fit’s growth trajectory shines bright, an ode to affordability and convenience. Diogo’s sagacious discourse in an Ideamensch exposé provides a portal into his world. In…

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Wayne Von Borstel insights on how to make money

Von Borstel, the founder of von Borstel & Associates and financial advisor, is one of the most generous community members in the world. His philanthropic work includes building world-class schools in Honduras, Afghanistan, Sudan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Canada, and Nepal and supporting many avenues of entrepreneurship and education. The schools are not only for local children…

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