• September 22, 2023

Raffaele Riva: Helping the AUREA Multi-Family Group Achieve the Impossible

Raffaele Riva established the successful worldwide company AUREA Multi-Family Office in 2008. He holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and has vast experience in conducting business internationally. Riva has had positions in different worldwide organizations as an Executive Leader, Senior Executive, and Assistant Manager/Supervisor. His competence areas include corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, wealth management,…

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A Visionary Entrepreneur’s Triumph with Aurea Multi-Family Group

In a realm where entrepreneurship is synonymous with innovation, Raffaele Riva emerges as a beacon of success with his brainchild, Aurea Multi-Family Group. The name “Raffaele Riva” resonates strongly in business, embodying vision, determination, and achievement. His recent accomplishments, as highlighted in the articles by The Exeter Daily and Market Oracle, underscore his impact and…

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