• December 9, 2023

Hughes Marino Representation Firm and Their Service Portfolio

The Hughes Marino Representation firm is a company that specializes in various procedures for its clients. Some of the common services at Hughes Marino include:   Lease accounting and management. Construction management. Planning and design. Physical distancing analysis. Portfolio lease administration/advisory.   Each of these services the company provides is available from a custom-based order…

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How Hughes Marino Founder, Jason Hughes, Built His Success

Jason Hughes received the prestigious James A. Irvine Award for contributing to the property industry and community involvement. The successful CEO is a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), an international organization that promotes responsible land use, before which he served as a representative from 2011-2014. At the Construction Industry Council (CIC), Jason Hughes…

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Jessica Dean Lawyer and Attorney at the Same Time

Jessica Dean is a law professor and criminal defense attorney who focuses on the area known as criminal law. Criminal law pertains not to criminals but to the crimes committed and the punishments that follow these actions. She has experienced many issues that she now helps others with, such as injustices in sentencing, racial biases…

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