• December 9, 2023

Jason Hope on Crypto´s Future



The world of cryptocurrency is evolving quickly, with new currencies such as bitcoin and dogecoin continually appearing and older currencies growing in value. More than 600 cryptocurrencies have been released, with a market cap exceeding $10 billion. What does the future hold, given all that has happened to the crypto market all around the world?


According to Jason Hope, Blockchain technology is constantly evolving, and the recent drop in Bitcoin’s value is just a part of it. Hope believes that cryptocurrency will be the future of business transactions. Let’s explore his research to see why he thinks Blockchain technology can still make it big.


Potential of Cryptocurrency for Ecommerce


Jason Hope believes that cryptocurrencies represent a new way for ecommerce to function. The ability to make transactions without an intermediary is attractive, particularly in countries that are unstable or where there is unstable currency. 


Hope feels that because we can use cryptocurrencies in different countries, it has the potential to be a global currency. Although the value of these currencies can be volatile, the business expert and activist investor believes that this volatility will not last forever.


Jason Hope: Secure Online Transactions


Jason Hope: the Future of Crypto


Another reason why Hope believes cryptocurrencies will thrive is that they provide an extra layer of security for transacting online. Although there is a greater risk involved in transacting online, the security provided by cryptocurrencies can help prevent cyber thieves from stealing personal information. Jason Hope highly invests in educating consumers to embrace this kind of updates in the current worldwide market. 




Although Hope believes cryptocurrencies have an exciting future, he believes they will only become mainstream after a while. Sharing the example of a teenager who invested in Bitcoin in 2011 and became a billionaire at the age of 18 goes to show cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, as Jason Hope assures. After investing in Bitcoin, he feels that cryptocurrencies will grow as consumers become better at using them and technology continues to evolve.




Hope believes blockchain technology is the future and cryptocurrencies will continue evolving. The industry will become more mainstream as consumers become more comfortable transacting online using cryptocurrency.