• December 9, 2023

Jason Hope and the future of The Social Networking Sites

Before the arrival of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, people had to stay in touch with friends through paper letters or phone calls. These days, it’s easy to keep up with friends (or make new ones) without the inconvenience of mail delivery or phone calls. As Jason Hope states, the types of social networking sites are changing as well—from their purpose to the way they present information. As technology advances in this rapidly changing world, it’s not impossible to think about social networking sites in the future.


Social networks will continue to become more integrated with our daily lives, but the number of connections will become less and less. With social networks expanding into other areas of our lives, such as learning, health care and even investing advice, it is likely that there will be many specialized social networks where we can find different types of content and people.


Jason Hope being a guru in the social networking field believes that there will be 3 aspects of social networking sites in the future:


  1. The Social Networking Sites Are Integrated Into Our Lives especially in business growth:

Social networking sites will be used by more and more people in the future. Social networking sites will be integrated into our daily lives in order to make it easier to run contacts, keep in touch with family and friends etc. Jason Hope adds that social media is used by businesses to stay connected with the people who are important to their business, without having to stay in touch with people one-by-one or through paper letters and phone calls.


Jason Hope On Longevity

  1. Source of Entertainment through gaming:

Right now people are using social networking sites just to stay in touch with their friends via texting, calling or video chatting. In the future, social networking sites will be used by more and more people to play games and other entertaining activities on their websites.


Jason Hope assures that in the future, a lot of social networking sites will develop into a place for people to play games, read stories and watch videos for entertainment. As technology develops so does the development of mobile applications which allow you to stay connected with your family and friends no matter where you are.


  1. Role of mobile devices:

According to Jason Hope, social networking is changing from being a website that people check throughout their day to become a mobile app. This development of mobile apps for various social networking sites, such as Instagram and Twitter, allows users to stay connected with the people they care about no matter where they are.