• May 19, 2024

Amy’s Kitchen: Proof that Expansion, Profitability and Doing the Right Thing Can Co-Exist

Amy's KitchenAmy’s Kitchen was founded on a principle of good vegan food products with quality never being compromised as production increased. That philosophy has led his family business to amazing success throughout the decades since its beginning.

Rachel and Andy Berliner are the beginning founders of the business. It all started with a need to find a natural food meal for a pregnant Rachel. Unable to find something satisfactory, the Berliners decided to make their own food. Their first foray was a pot pie.

The child born to the Berliners on November 18, 1987 was named Amy. After a long discussion about the company name, the decision was made to name it after the new baby. Throughout the ensuing years, Amy has grown up with the business.

Amy’s Kitchen was located in the home of Rachel and Andy. They outgrew it within a year and moved to a full-blown kitchen in Sonoma County where they could expand their business. They never changed their philosophy which meant cooking food, not manufacturing it. They added burritos, mac & cheese, and pizza to the menu. This would start a trend of menu expansion.

More meals require more kitchens, so expansion continues into Oregon with a brand-new facility including a family health center. Another kitchen opened in Idaho with a move envisioned to the East Coast in New York. A company that went from one meal to over one million per day needs more kitchens.

The family health center was part of providing medical care for their employees, including those who did not speak English. It is all the same family philosophy. Do the right thing.

The company has been a leader in non-GMO foods and ingredients. They want no part of genetically modified products. They proudly place a non-GMO label on their meals. It is all part of sustainability.

Amy's KitchenFirst it was Canada. Now after 30 years the products are sold in 30 countries. Quite the move from the Berliners kitchen. Soups, beans, chili, and many more entries. Even an entry into the fast-food business without compromising principles.

It is all part of the growth and future of Amy’s Kitchen.