• May 30, 2023

Dr. Leen Kawas: An Alzheimer’s Association Certified Neuropsychologist

Dr. Leen Kawas Discusses Advancements in Alzheimers Treatment Many people are living with Alzheimer’s, and as the prevalence of the Disease increases, so does the importance of finding a way to curable or otherwise completely prevent it. There is not yet an effective cure for Alzheimer’s, but according to Dr. Leen Kawas, progress is being…

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What you Need to Know About Leen Kawas the BioTech Exec

Leen Kawas is a successful entrepreneur and technology executive with years of experience in various business areas. Her wide-ranging experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors allows her to create innovative solutions for ventures operating in diverse arenas. A seasoned technology industry leader with a unique combination of international business, engineering, and financial acumen,…

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