• March 22, 2023

Top 9 Reasons Why QNET Is Not a Scam

QNET Scam has been a concern to many since the company has been on the market for some time now. But is it a scam? Or is all the hype just due to its popularity and high-profile status?

In this post, you’ll find 7 reasons why the QNET scam is not true.

  1. QNET has operations in countries with stringent consumer protection laws

QNET operates in countries with stringent consumer protection laws. Hong Kong and Singapore are great examples of countries that have strong consumer protection measures. In these countries, if the company is not genuine it will quickly be exposed by its members and the company will be shut down to face prosecution.

  1. QNET gives back to communities

An unethical company will always keep its corporate philanthropy a secret. QNET is a model of integrity and corporate citizenship. It actively supports charities in Hong Kong and Singapore through the QNET Foundation and the QNET Charitable Trust, including those devoted to supporting children and the elderly in need.

  1. QNET has more than 20 years of direct selling industry experience

QNET has over two decades of direct selling industry experience. This means that the company has been in business for some time now. If the Qnet scam is true, it will not have survived to this day.

  1. QNET is part of an international business body with many business interests around the world.

QNET is part of an international business body with many business interests around the world. This means that QNET has to abide by the laws in each country it operates, or risk being shut down.

  1. QNET has been accepted as a member by prominent industry bodies in several countries

QNET is a member of the direct selling industry’s many global professional bodies, such as the Asia Pacific Direct Selling Association (APDSA), the World Direct Selling Association (WDA) and the Direct Selling Association International (DSAI).

  1. QNET has won multiple global awards

QNET has won many global awards over the years, including awards from the Globee Awards, the Titan Business Awards and many more.

  1. QNET’s products are of high quality and sold to many countries

QNET’s products are of high quality, innovative, and sold in more than 80 countries. Such a large reach means QNET must be offering products customers want.

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