• May 30, 2023
Shelton Haynes

Shelton Haynes, President of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Announces Significant Youth Center Development

The Roosevelt Island Youth Center has received a license from the New York State Department of Education as a School Age Child Care (SACC) facility, according to Shelton Haynes, the Chairman and CEO of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). Non-residential kid care centers or programs that provide after-school care for at least seven school-age kids under 13 are covered by SACC licenses during the academic year and breaks.

Centers must meet particular criteria established by the New York City Division of Health and the New York City Fire Division to be registered by the New York State Department of Children and Family Services as an official SACC facility. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is now qualified to compete for funding opportunities as the Youth Facility has successfully finished the licensing procedure, allowing it to increase program offerings for several of Roosevelt Island’s youngest people.

Shelton Haynes started operating the Youth Facility in 2019 for kids who required after-school or drop-in summertime care. In addition to serving as a haven for local adolescents, the facility has become a center of social contact and academic, recreational, and artistic development.

The Youth Facility on Roosevelt Island has recently undergone a physical facelift and is now a popular destination. It offers a wide range of education programs and coursework. Also, classes are available for those who enjoy chess, gardening, yoga, and riding.

With its SACC accreditation, the Roosevelt Island Youth Facility can start a new growth stage. All SACC-accredited centers are eligible to seek modern programming funds, at both the municipal and state stage, of up to one million dollars, and RIOC intends to do just that. With the additional financing possibilities, the youth center wants to expand its programs to include off-island field trips, giving Roosevelt Island youngsters access to the extensive facilities available in larger New York City.