• November 29, 2022

Ross Lavinsohn in Media and Telecommunication

Ross Levinsohn Ross Lavinsohn is a co-founder of Maven, the brand rebranded to The Arena Group and reorganizing around sports and finance. He was also the Sports Illustrated CEO. Ross Lavinsohn has been a huge part of the success of his company, the Arena Group. While he was the sports Illustrated CEO, the company has been involved in various fields like sports, advertising and marketing, television production and even book publishing. Ross and Arena Group were able to get Television contracts with ESPN, Fox Sports Networks and Univision.

In those early days of blogs, before there was social media, Lavinsohn and his team believed the opportunity for publishing brands on the web was “endless.” They were wrong.

Maven’s portfolio includes MTV News, Maxim Magazine, and Elite Daily — all now owned by Penske Media.

Lavinsohn worked for The New York Times as a strategic growth analyst and then a media partner manager. He was executive producer and head of advertising for the brand, overseeing all of the new product launches and launching international versions across all major platforms.. Lavinsohn is also an alumnus of MIT’s Media Lab, where he received his master’s degree in media arts and sciences.

In the Fall of 2015, Lavinsohn joined Penske Media Corporation as president to oversee Maven and its family of brands.

He is a frequent commentator on media and technology, and he contributes regularly to publications including Advertising Age and The Hollywood Reporter.

Lavinsohn was born in New York City, where he still lives. His wife is Marissa Lavinsohn. Marissa Lavinsohn has been the executive director of the United States-Japan Council since June 2015. She was previously the co-founder and CEO of Maven Enterprises from October 2005 until September 2015. She is also a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

He received his master’s degrees in media arts and sciences from MIT’s Media Lab in 2011, where he also created the Future of Media Conference with Arianna Huffington.