• November 29, 2022

Reeve Benaron at Third Stone Productions Inc.

Businessman and entrepreneur Reeve Benaron is best known for starting companies in unconventional industries, such as nude photography and adult film. In the early 1980s, he partnered with legendary photographer George Platt Lynes to create LFI (Lynes-Benaron Fine Art), one of the most respected art galleries in New York City. 


Businessman Reeve Benaron founded this intimate art gallery in 1981, where he became a master of “promotion by embarrassment.” His exhibitions often featured young men as models who were “not your typical kind of handsome male model”—a strategy that won him constant press coverage. Reeve Benaron has achieved notoriety for his media savvy and notorious publicity stunts. Starting later in life than most entrepreneurs, Benaron is a self-made man who began building his empire in the 1980s. 


He worked hard to achieve his dream of a career in business, which started by acquiring real estate and then financing the purchase of commercial properties. In 1989 Reeve Benaron bought out his partners and became the sole owner of Business Assets Corporation. Since then, he has built this portfolio into a valued company – now worth $400 million with over $1 billion of assets under management. 


The successful business expert achieved this by buying or otherwise acquiring several well-regarded companies in the field of sales promotion, fulfillment, and marketing services. When he partnered with George Platt Lynes to open his art gallery in 1981, healthcare professional and serial entrepreneur Reeve Benaron was also working in real estate.


In addition, Reeve Benaron would sometimes be paid for a new painting by Lynes by giving him one of the properties he had acquired.  This, plus their business interests, Reeve Benaron is also an avid filmmaker. Third Stone Productions Inc. has produced numerous films since its inception in 1999, including 2004’s “Against the Wall” starring Jessica Alba and Billy Crudup and “The Foxy Merkins,” which Edward Norton’s production company purchased for distribution.