• September 22, 2023

Randy Douthit

Randy DouthitRandy Douthit is Executive Producer and Director currently working on Judy Justice newest daily hit streaming show. The new show offers viewers an insight into some of the most compelling legal cases around today. Small claims court provides an entertaining trip down memory lane, whether it’s about a domestic dispute involving dogs or cats; a car crash; a landlord/tenant dispute, or a family feud. The show has become an outstanding success for IMDB TV, providing viewers with 25 million watching and streaming minutes. Judge Judy was also created and executive produced by Randy Douthit. It is currently being aired on CBS and is now distributed worldwide. The new show offers a greater chance to explore how legal cases play out in the courtroom. And occasionally, cases can get pretty nasty. Anyone who goes to court knows that court is a serious business.

A longtime staple of TV shows, the Judge Judy franchise has seen several iterations throughout the decades. First starting in 1980 as a local program before being picked up nationally, the popular judge has been a familiar face for viewers for nearly 40 years. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the hit reality television series has had to adapt to changes in format as the production team tries to come up with new ways to deliver the same product without having to gather together each week physically. From producing episodes online to changing the colour scheme and wardrobe of the judges, the show is evolving along with society.

Randy Douthit and most of the team behind the hit American TV show Judge Judy are still hard at work producing episodes despite the coronavirus outbreak disrupting production. More than 20 members of the judge’s family have joined the cast, including her granddaughter Sarah Rose, daughter Lisa, niece Ashley, nephew Mike, grandson Michael and great-grandson Noah. In addition, the producer responsible for keeping the show running smoothly throughout the pandemic is Sarah Rose. The new version of Judge Judy is being filmed remotely and features an updated wardrobe and a change in format. An old-fashioned courtroom set designed to look like an actual courtroom has been replaced with a virtual setup where viewers can watch Judge Judy play against three judges via Livestream. In each case, one of the judges gives his opinion before ruling on the matter. The new arrangement means that the decisions are made instantly instead of waiting for the full 90 minutes that the show took.