• March 22, 2023

Raffaele Riva Success Story

Raffaele Riva is a global entrepreneur with a history of progressively managing global financial transactions. He has worked with different organizations around the globe. Raffaele Riva is a forefather and partner at AUREA multi-family firm. This international monetary management enterprise serves rich people and indifferent nations by offering various customized monetary services.

Raffaele Riva and his team of global monetary specialists manage taxes, wealth, assets, trusts, real estate, and investments for professional, high-profile customers with investments and assets in different nations. He is well experienced in financial and restructuring, wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, estate planning, and global transactions; hence it becomes easy for him to manage the AUREA Multi Family Office.

Riva began various startups from 1997 to 2008 as he had precise know-how of business logistics as an chief of a global corporation that conducted businesses in different parts of the world. His vision for founding the AUREA was to serve as a mentor and counselor to his customers, comprising of high net-worth business people, and offer the best-customized service to them.

Raffaele Riva has a team of people who engage in international banks, hedge funds, asset managers, insurance companies, fund managers, and tax attorneys to create lucrative products while supporting their clients in any way possible. The team gives wealth and asset management services to private people and companies while serving as traditional and later native investors. Riva graduated with a degree in economics from the Catholic University of sacred heart where he became a certified Accountant.

Riva finished a post-graduate degree in SSQUEA at the business school in Canton Ticino in 1997. The following year, he finished another post-graduate degree at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland in SUSPI. Riva has dual citizenship in Italy and Switzerland, making him fluent in French, English, and Italian. See this page for more information.


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