• May 30, 2023

Information about Damien Granderson Entertainment Lawyer


Damien Granderson is an entertainment lawyer, representing artists of all shapes and sizes. This, in the music, film, TV, wacky and zany through-line entertainment cases including everything from negotiating contracts to protecting intellectual property.Damien specializes in business law, entertainment law, the wacky and the zany through-line, intellectual property law and contracts. He began working at Bozeman 


De Jong in 2006 as an associate, and then was promoted to partner in 2012. Before serving in various capacities for Bozeman De Jong as an associate, he worked with Ira Schulman at Rosenfeld, Meyer and Susman. Damien has also worked in the music industry. Damien is a music enthusiast and maintains a blog, “All Things Music”.


Here, he offers informational content and entertainment commentary on the music industry. He also works for himself with various side-projects, including starting up his own record label, Grand D Records, which focuses on independent artists. Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson currently resides in Michigan. 


He is an avid supporter of animal rights and likes to travel – particularly to cities which have museums that are free to enter. Successful attorney Damien Granderson is an avid fan of documentaries, nature and the sea (Instagram). 

Damien has served as mentor to a number of his peers and colleagues. He has been a mentor for the Michigan Lawyer’s Young Lawyers Division and mentors a number of young attorneys at Bozeman De Jong. Damien Granderson was also a panelist at the 2017 Management Leadership Institute, which was held in New York City in October, 2016. He is also an active member of the entertainment law community and frequently speaks at various venues on issues of interest to artists and executives alike.