• March 22, 2023

Hughes Marino, Commercial Realty Company

Hughes Marino is an independently owned commercial realty company. They help companies find the right location to meet their company goals. They help service the needs of businesses by providing you with information on possible locations and helping to negotiate with landlords. Hughes Marino also offers a number of different services in order to help build your business. 


Since its inception in 2006, Hughes Marino has been the number one project management company for companies looking for new office space. This company has built up an outstanding reputation in the industry. The buyer and tenant representation firm offers an array of services for its clients. Some of its key services are listed.


They find a location that’s right for you. They help you find the best location possible and help negotiate with the landlord. They can also arrange services like on-site management, maintenance, and security. Hughes Marino is also a philanthropic organization. This has helped the company build a reputation for being one of the better companies to work for in Miami. 


The headquarters is in Miami, Florida and it has branch offices in Los Angeles, Houston, and New Jersey. The firm specializes in office space and provides services such as: In 2010, Hughes Marino was ranked in the top 1,000 fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. 5000. 

Hughes Marino representation firm has also been ranked one of the top places to work in South Florida by The Miami Herald. They were ranked the number one place to work by their employees in 2015. Hughes Marino has also been featured in a number of different media outlets. The Huffington Post did a piece on the company that helped showcase its charity work. In addition to this, they have also been featured on “The Today Show”.