• November 29, 2022

Doug Haynes: Council Advisor and Managing Director

DoughDoug Haynes is an American entrepreneur and chairman of Hazeltree company. He was born in Scarborough, New York, and received a degree from the University of West Virginia in Mechanical Engineering in 1987.

Doug also served as the president of Point 72 Asset Management, a premier equity hedge fund in America. Before joining Point72, Doug served as a senior partner at Mckinsey & Company, where he was at the forefront of the US and worldwide operation practices. Doug co-founded the Firm’s practice in innovational-based services. It is also good to note that Doug Haynes worked as an engineer for GE’s plastic business group and a software developer for the American CIA.

Doug Haynes is known for his philanthropic activities. He is an active individual in the fight against poverty, education, and veteran support. He assists in advising the founder of several startup firms, such as Obsidian Asset Management, Vega Factor, and ChainIQ.

With offices in London and Hong Kong, Hazeltree is based in the city of New York. The Hazeltree has recently raised about $14 million from Hamilton Lane and Fintop Capital. The cash will be used to innovate the product suite and expand customer support. Hazeltree CEO Tushar Amin and its chairman Doug are committed to assisting companies in streamlining their operations and mitigating their risks. Amin and Doug will work to ensure that professionals organize their workload and upgrade their annual growth rate.

Doug recalls that when he was in business school at the University, he was exposed to a full taste of the business world. Though his background was in engineering, he was able to explore various ways of problem-solving, which led to his interest in the world of consulting. He says that he never anticipated the opportunities that came his way. He began working with experienced colleagues and brilliant clients and had a new challenge daily.

Doug notes that his job is rewarding since it has allowed him to give back to the community, such as being involved in non-profit organizations. Haynes says that he believes that personal relationships and trust are the ends.