• September 22, 2023

Phaneesh Murthy: A Tech Visionary with a Heart for Conservation

Phaneesh Murthy’s journey is an awe-inspiring testament to the union of tech innovation and unwavering conservation commitment. He’s not just a tech wizard; he’s a beacon of hope, showing us that it’s possible to create a more sustainable world through technology. In the tech realm, Phaneesh’s career took off like a rocket. His innovative ideas…

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Microsoft´s Tom Keane Announces Azure Government Top Secret Cloud Platform Authorization for National Security Clients

Tom Keane is Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Azure Global. Just recently, he announced that the company has received authorization to operate the Azure Government Top Secret cloud platform. With this authorization, Microsoft can now extend its services to national security agency clients who have data workloads classified at the Top Secret level.   The…

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